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By road

Payyanur College Campus is located at Edat, Payyanur, Kannur Distrcit. It is just 3.5 kilometer from payyanur old bus stand and 2.6 kilometers from new bus stand in NH-17 towards Kannur side.

By Rail

Nearest railway station is Payyanur which is 6 kms away from the college.

By air

The nearest airport is at Mangalore about 118 km away and calicut airport is 147 km away approximately.


In the present era of knowledge revolution, the relevance of a college library is ever increasing. Responding positively to the newly-defined roles of a college library in the present scenario, Payyanur College Library has taken measures to make latest items of knowledge accessible to the academic community.
The College Library became functional on 02.08.1965, the same year in which the college was established. In the beginning, the library was housed in a small room in the Main Block and there were only 332 books, two dailies and their weeklies in the library. Now (as on 30.11.2006) it has a collection of 45000 books,89 academic journals, 50 periodicals, including career magazines, and 10 newspapers. In addition it has a collection of about 200 CD ROMS.
            At present, the library is functioning as two separate units, viz. Central Library and Department Libraries. Realizing the effectiveness of a Centralized Library set up and upholding the true spirit of the Government directions in this respect, more Department libraries are being centralized. The Department Libraries of Commerce, History and Political Science have already been centralized at various points of time. However, the present building in which the Central Library is housed suffers from lack of space for accommodating all the Department Libraries.
       The Central Library is functioning in the three-storey Library Block constructed in 1986 with the financial assistance from the UGC. The Library Block, which has a carpet area of 462 sq.m., is located in the centre of the campus, easily accessible to both the students and the staff.
            The Department Libraries function either in separate rooms meant for the same or in spaces earmarked for the purpose inside the respective Department Staff Rooms. The departments of Mathematics, Physics, Zoology, Economics, and Hindi have separate Library-cum-Reading Rooms. The departments of Commerce and English have their own Reading Rooms where the students are free to sit and read journals, periodicals and newspapers. The department libraries of Chemistry, Malayalam, Botany, Statistics and Sanskrit are attached to the department staff rooms.
Lay out of the Central Library
The Library Block, in which the Central Library functions, is divided into various sections for the convenience of the users as detailed below:

  1. Reading Room-cum-Periodical Section
  2. Circulation Section
  3. New Arrivals Display
  4. Catalogue Section – Computer Catalogue & Card Catalogue Searching
  5. Preparation/Technical Section-cum-Back volumes Section
  6. Librarian’s Cabin.

First Floor
Career Guidance Cell Reading Room.
 Stack Room – 1
Second Floor

  1. Stack Room -- 2
  2. Reference Room
  3. E-Library-cum-Internet Browsing Centre

Books: - The College Library has a collection of 52000 books of which 30381 are kept in the Central Library (including reference books) and the remaining 15987 in various Department Libraries. The department-wise collection is detailed in the table given below:
Academic Journals: - There are 15 academic journals in the Central Library and 89 journals in various Department Libraries. The list of academic journals subscribed is given below:

Periodicals:- Over 50 periodicals are subscribed by the college and made available to the readers in the Reading Room-cum-Periodical Section. 
Newspapers:- 12 copies of 10 leading dailies in English and Malayalam are made available in the Central Library. Also, 3 departments have subscribed to dailies pertaining to their subject of study. The list of dailies follows:
Use of library
On an average of over 260 students and staff use the facilities of the Reading Room-cum-Periodical Section per working day.

Book Issue

2 books are issued to a student at a time. In the case of staff 10 books are issued. Total issue of books and periodicals per year is shown in the chart below:

Working Hours

The Central Library is kept open from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. without intermission on all working days of the college. Books are issued to all members between 9.30 a.m. and 2 p.m. on all working days.  Reference facility is available throughout the working hours.

Important Rules Books borrowed from the library should be returned within 15 days.

  1. Fine will be collected as per Govt. orders for delayed return.
  2. If a book is lost, the borrower should replace the book or pay its value as per rules.
  3. Personal belongings such as bag, umbrella, books etc. are to be kept in the Belongings Rack kept for the same.
  4. All books borrowed from the library should be returned at the end of every academic year for Annual Stock Verification.

            Efforts towards Modernization  Computerization
The operations of the Central Library are computerized. All the books are bar-coded, so also the Members’ Identity Cards. Issue and Return are fully computerized. Facilities such as Catalogue Searching, Status Viewing etc. are made available. Remote online Catalogue Searching facility is also available
E-Library An Electronic Library is functioning as a separate wing of the Central Library. A collection of about 200 CD ROMs are available to the users. Moreover, Broadband Internet Browsing facility is provided throughout the working hours of the library. At present, 3 computers are made available for the E-Library. The Library also makes available 10 Electronic journals for the users.
Orientation Classes At present, proper guidance is offered by the library staff to individual users to help them to use the modernized library system fruitfully. Special class-wise Orientation Sessions are being conducted for students so as to enable them to utilize the modernized library, including the E-resources, in the best possible way.

Career Guidance Section

The Reading Room of the Career Guidance Cell is functioning in the First Floor of the Library Block. About 400 books related to career guidance and personality development and 11 career journals are made available for the users.

Library Advisory Committee

A Library Advisory Committee is functioning in the college to monitor the overall functioning of the library. The committee performs the following major roles:
Planning and executing the infrastructural development of the library.

    1. Making recommendations to the Librarian regarding the purchase of books and journals.
    2. Taking decisions about the suggestions and complaints received from the users.
    3. Giving orientation to the staff and the students about using the modern facilities of the library.

Staff Profile

  1. Librarian (Post Vacant)
  2. Teacher-in-charge: Smt. Sona P. (Dept. of Malayalam)
  3. Library Assistants: Sreenivasan N.V. & Lalu K.V.